Spring T-Ball parent letter 2021

Please read the Parent letter below

Welcome to Camp Fire Youth Sports


Spring T-Ball

Dear {field_first_name} {field_last_name}:

We want to welcome you and {field_chilld_first_name} {field_child_last_name} to Camp Fire Youth Sports programs. In order to ensure {field_chilld_first_name} and other children have a fun, positive learning experience, we are relying on you to help us create a supportive posititve environment. Please review the following information:

A parent is required to be at all practices and games to support your children and to be part of the experience.
Please DO NOT smoke or drink or use bad language in the presence of children or on school property. Smoking, drinking and swearing on school property are a violation of Idaho Law and Camp Fire Youth Sports policy.

News You Can Use

Last day to register for Spring T-Ball is March 5, 2021
You will receive an e-mail which will notify you of your child’s coach’s name and number and the date, time and place of the first practice.  If you have not received an e-mail by March 31st, please call the office at 208-232-8819. (Please make sure we have a current e-mail in the office.)
Registration fee includes Team jersey and trophy.
The first game will be April 10th and last game is May 15th.  All Soccer and T-Ball games will be played on Saturdays at Chubbuck Elementary School.
  No refunds will be granted due to scheduling conflicts and no requests for team changes will be granted.
Teams are made on the basis of grade, friend requests and area.
Siblings may be placed on different teams due to school grade. No refunds will be granted after teams have been made.
Coaches are volunteers and we appreciate them! Please be respectful of them!